We are two enthusiastic tribal collectors , couple, dealers and travellers.
Welcome to our online portal Tribalspace which has now been online for 2 years , during that time we have developed a large array of clients throughout the world . We have over 29 years of experience in collecting & selling tribal art with
over a hundred trips .This has enriched us with an important knowledge base on authenticity . We like to offer a wide
arrange of tribally used objects sourced with fairness & respect & sold at affordable prices as a result of our hard
work. Our main area has been Africa and it's deep connections with our souls. Our gravitational pull is towards the
unusual, aesthetically powerful & eclectic tribal objects that resonate with the cultures they originate from . We
source from worldwide collections , auctions & travels. In a world that places a growing importance on fair trade &
the environment, its our opinion that tribal art is a mostly second hand market & this is both beneficial to the
environment & also allows the objects original owners a linked access to a worldwide market which they and us are
mutually appreciative of . Most of the main dealers we met in Africa on exploratory trips 29 years ago are still our
main sources when we travel .All the items we sell have been tribally used apart from some items in the interior
design section. We have exhibited multiple times at art fairs including Olympia fine art and antiques , Hali textile , Battersea decorative antiques , New York tribal , San Fran tribal , Santa Fe tribal and London tribal art fair .
Enjoy your visit to Tribalspace & if you have any questions please get in touch . Regards Owen &